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With 12 years of expertise in software development outsourcing, Xovient offers a range of skilled professionals for hire through team augmentation and dedicated team outsourcing models. We facilitate seamless onboarding, team building, and assist businesses in optimizing costs for enhanced operational efficiency.

  • In-house employment
  • Team augmentation
  • Dedicated team
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In-house employment

Embrace software developers into your team, where you have full control using your own KPIs. Ensure motivation by cultivating a positive working environment and offering necessary support. Our model empowers you with seamless management, fostering a productive and collaborative partnership.

Vendor outsourcing: Team augmentation

Enhance your in-house development team by partnering with a vendor boasting a pool of skilled professionals. Temporarily integrate their talents to fill skill gaps or expedite software delivery. This collaborative approach ensures dynamic skill augmentation and accelerated project timelines for your business.

Vendor outsourcing: Dedicated team

Whether lacking an in-house development team or opting not to involve them in a specific project, you choose to hire a vendor's dedicated team. Establishing project progress reporting mechanisms aligned with your strategy, Xovient supports you in seamlessly managing and collaborating with the outsourced team.

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Hiring for a Software Development Project

  • Innovation and Technology Leadership
  • Expertise and Specialization
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • We’re Serving
    12 Years

    Dedicated service for over a decade, fostering trust, reliability, and expertise

  • Certified
    platform experts

    Trusted specialists with certified expertise in advanced platform technologies.

Our Solutions

Our Core Offerings

Software architect

Strategically designs software architecture, considering aspects such as microservices, multi-tenancy, and headless approaches. Ensures architecture aligns with initial performance, availability, and scalability requirements, guaranteeing a robust foundation for optimal system functionality.

Backend software developer

Produces server-side script code, configures databases and cloud environments, and executes seamless API integrations. The focus is on delivering high-quality and functional components that contribute to the overall success of the software solution.

Frontend software developer

Brings UI design mockups to life by implementing and delivering client-side script code. The emphasis is on translating visual concepts into functional and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall user experience of the software.

DevOps engineer

Sets up the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline to streamline and expedite software releases. This ensures a seamless and efficient process, enhancing the agility and reliability of delivering software updates and improvements.

QA Engineers

Develops and executes tests aligned with software requirements, meticulously documenting testing outcomes. Verifies comprehensive software compliance with established quality standards, ensuring robust performance and adherence to specified criteria.

L1, L2, L3 Engineers

L1. A user support team.
L2. A technical support team.
L3. A team of software engineers.

Software to Support Industry
Software development services

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Why Choose Our Service

  • Software quality controls

    We uphold coding standards and implement comprehensive software testing to ensure a robust quality management system.

  • Realistic estimates

    We consider software complexity, the sophistication of the tech stack, team expertise, and potential risks to provide accurate and objective estimates for the project's duration and cost.

  • Transparent service delivery

    We establish a customized KPI system to impartially assess collaboration efficiency, providing regular project progress reports.

  • Timely and exhaustive documentation

    We meticulously document the development process and software, consistently sharing all necessary documents with your stakeholders.

Platform Solution


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Laravel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Indian developers benefit my tech startup's growth?

    Indian developers can significantly benefit your tech startup's growth in several ways, particularly when partnering with experienced firms like Xovient:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Indian developers often offer competitive rates compared to their counterparts in Western countries, allowing startups to stretch their budget further and allocate resources strategically.
    • Technical Expertise: Indian developers are known for their strong technical skills and proficiency in a wide range of technologies, ensuring that your startup can access specialized knowledge and experience required for complex projects.
    • Scalability: India has a large pool of skilled developers, making it easier for startups to scale their teams quickly and efficiently as their project and business needs grow.
    • Innovation: Indian developers bring a diverse perspective and innovative thinking to projects, contributing fresh ideas and solutions that can drive innovation within your startup.
    • Time Zone Advantage: Working with Indian developers can provide a time zone advantage, enabling round-the-clock development cycles and faster turnaround times for projects.

    Partnering with Xovient ensures that you not only gain access to top-tier Indian developers but also benefit from a company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality software solutions and supporting startup growth through customized development services.

  • What are the advantages of outsourcing to Indian software experts?

    Outsourcing to Indian software experts offers several advantages for businesses globally. Indian professionals are renowned for their deep technical expertise across diverse technologies, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. The competitive pricing compared to Western markets allows companies to optimize budgets and allocate resources strategically. Indian firms often excel in scalability, offering flexible team sizes to match project requirements. Additionally, the cultural affinity for innovation and problem-solving ensures creative solutions customized to business needs. With a large talent pool and commitment to excellence, outsourcing to Indian software experts, such as those at Xovient, enables businesses to achieve efficiency, innovation, and accelerated growth.

  • Where can I find reliable software developers in India today?

    Xovient should be your first choice if you're looking for reputable software developers in India right now. Xovient stands out by its solid track record of providing superior software solutions that are customized to meet a wide range of company requirements. Sites such as Indeed, Naukri.com, and LinkedIn are excellent tools for looking through the profiles of qualified developers. Examine their experience using client endorsements and portfolios. Working with reputable companies like Xovient gives you access to a skilled workforce with great technical expertise, ensuring your software development projects will have creative and dependable solutions.

  • Is it beneficial to hire remote software developers from India?

    Remote software developers from India offer several benefits, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to a diverse talent pool. Remote work allows businesses to tap into a global talent market, ensuring they find the best fit for their project needs without geographical constraints. Indian developers, known for their technical proficiency and competitive rates, provide scalable solutions that meet international standards. Xovient excels in providing remote developers who are not only skilled but also adaptable to client requirements. With a strong emphasis on quality and communication, Xovient ensures seamless collaboration, enabling businesses to leverage top-tier talent for efficient and successful software development projects.

  • How can I hire skilled software developers from India?

    To hire skilled software developers from India, consider partnering with Xovient, renowned for its expertise in delivering customized software solutions. Start by outlining your project requirements and desired skills. Xovient offers a streamlined hiring process, ensuring you access a pool of vetted professionals with proven technical proficiency and industry experience. Their rigorous recruitment standards and commitment to client satisfaction ensure you find developers who align with your project goals. By choosing Xovient, you gain access to reliable and skilled software developers who can drive your project's success effectively.

  • How does Xovient ensure the quality and reliability of its developers?

    Xovient ensures the quality and reliability of its developers through a meticulous approach that encompasses several key practices:

    • Rigorous Selection Process: We conduct thorough interviews, technical assessments, and background checks to evaluate candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit.
    • Continuous Training and Development: Developers undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest technologies, tools, and industry trends, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their field.
    • Performance Monitoring: We implement regular performance evaluations and feedback mechanisms to monitor developers' productivity, quality of work, and adherence to project timelines.
    • Quality Assurance Practices: Xovient maintains stringent quality assurance processes throughout the development lifecycle, including code reviews, testing protocols, and deployment standards.
    • Team Collaboration and Support: Fostered by a collaborative work environment, our developers benefit from ongoing support, knowledge sharing, and mentorship to enhance their skills and professional growth. By prioritizing these practices, Xovient ensures that its developers consistently deliver high-quality, reliable solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

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