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14 May, 2023


Xovient, a prominent digital marketing company, was faced with a unique challenge when they undertook the task of reinvigorating Pix, a globally renowned manufacturer of belts and related mechanical power transmission products. Pix, a market leader with a legacy of over three decades, was looking to boost its online presence and expand its reach to a wider audience.


  • Traditional Marketing Dominance : Pix had relied heavily on traditional marketing methods for years and was slow to embrace the digital landscape. Their marketing strategies were outdated and failed to connect with the modern consumer.
  • Limited Online Visibility : Despite being a leader in their industry, Pix's online visibility was minimal. Their website was outdated, and they were missing out on potential customers who primarily sought products and information online.
  • Competitive Market : The mechanical power transmission products market was highly competitive, with many players vying for the same customers. Xovient needed to differentiate Pix and position it as the preferred choice for these products.
  • Lack of Online Engagement : Pix had a limited social media presence and struggled to engage with its audience. This lack of interaction hindered their ability to build a loyal customer base and gather customer insights.

Xovient's Solutions:

  • Digital Transformation : Xovient initiated a digital transformation for Pix. This included redesigning their website to make it user-friendly, optimizing it for search engines, and implementing an e-commerce platform.
  • Website Design and Development : Xovient revamped the clinic's website, incorporating modern design elements and ensuring it was user-friendly. The new website showcased the range of services offered, helping attract potential clients.
  • Content Strategy : Xovient created a content strategy that included blog posts, videos, and informative product descriptions. This content showcased Pix's
  • SEO and SEM : Xovient implemented a robust SEO and SEM strategy to improve Pix's search engine rankings and enhance their visibility in search results. This ensured that potential customers could easily find Pix's products.


Xovient's efforts led to significant improvements in Pix's online presence and brand perception. Pix saw a substantial increase in website traffic, which translated into higher sales and inquiries. The engagement on social media platforms also grew, with a more interactive and informed audience. Pix was now better equipped to compete in the digital age and maintain its position as a leading manufacturer of belts and mechanical power transmission products worldwide.


Xovient successfully met the challenges presented by Pix, helping the company transition from traditional marketing methods to a dynamic digital presence. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing and how a strategic approach can rejuvenate a well-established brand in the modern era.

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